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Our goal is to have RUTF distributed among identified target groups, monitored over 6-8 week period until declared cured. Followed by a diet guidance campaign based upon seasonal local produce to encourage & educate people to manage the right nutritional balance in their daily food intake. We aim to make the process much more sustainable and reduce costs primarily through bringing manufacturing sites closer to the final beneficiaries is a priority for UNICEF - training up the local community on production methods:

  • Local purchases of RUTF will continue to grow in the future.

  • No difference in technical requirements for “locally” or globally produced RUTF as well as manufacturing sites.

  • UNICEF expects lower prices based on increased volumes and increased market stability to meet ever increasing demand. 

Kids like the taste and it has a 95% success rate in reversing SAM when administered over a 6 to 8 week period in the home without any hospitalization. RUTF is now widely considered the most important advance ever made in treating and curing severe acute malnutrition.

For us to reach our goal, we need your support. Please give what you can so we can together eliminate hunger from a World that has more then enough to feed all. 

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